When thinking about a local locksmith, frequently think of a professional technician who deals in residential locks. But there’s a wide assortment of additional services that most locksmith firms offer. Some folks are only acquainted with general, more popular offers, so have decided to detail some of these less-known offerings. This article was inspired by reader Tom’s quest to find a local locksmith in Pensacola, Florida, and his determination to find “the right locksmith for the job.” As you’ll see from the detailed list of information Tom provides below, the task can be trickier than Tom thought.

Most people deal with a local locksmith when they need an emergency lockout service or some other type of emergency rekeying of locks on their doors and/or windows. Most people think of lock rekeying as the job of a locksmith, whose specialty is opening locked doors. But a locksmith with experience may actually do a lot more than open doors-in fact, a good locksmith can help an individual to solve many problems other than locking doors! Tom had set out to do some research and after some initial frustration decided it would be worth at least trying to find out more about the services offered by his potential local locksmith.

One of the first services the company offered was rekeying of existing locks. Tom had already replaced several locks in his home before, so this was not a difficult job for him. But it is important to note that not every local locksmith offers this service. The locksmith may have only recently begun to offer it, or it may be a very new practice that hasn’t caught on yet.

After Tom had been given a general idea of what the company did, he set out to find one that would meet his specific needs. To begin, he looked for a Miami-Dade County locksmith that offered both residential and commercial locksmithing services. After researching a few different companies on the Internet, he found one that seemed to offer all of the services he was looking for: key cutting, breaking and rekeying of different types of locks, both residential and commercial. He set up an appointment to go take a look at the locksmith he was thinking of hiring. Once there, however, something didn’t feel right.

According to the locksmith Tom had met, he was installing new locks around the house. When asked what kind of keys he would be using, the locksmith told Tom he didn’t know, asked him again, and then repeated again. Instead of just installing the new locks, Tom wanted to make sure the company he was considering also provided “master key” keys to all of the various rooms in his home. As it turns out, master keys are simply special keys that only have the owner’s code rather than the combination. Tom wasn’t sure what to make of this, so he waited.

A few days later, Tom got back from his appointment. Instead of the keys to his home coming to him in a box, they were inside of Tom’s briefcase. Instead of being able to open the briefcase quickly and easily, Tom now has to take out his wallet and search for the right combination. As it turns out, this particular Miami-Dade County locksmith didn’t offer this type of service. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t seem likely that any Miami-Dade County locksmiths will soon be offering “master keys” to their customers, since the method for creating such keys has always been somewhat of a mystery.

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